4 steps to wedding ready hair

4 steps to wedding ready hair

How to get your hair looking picture-perfect and aisle ready

You’ve chosen the dress, booked the venue, enlisted your besties as bridesmaids and are besotted with the glinting ring on your left hand. Now you need the dream hair to match. You want glossy, make-an-entrance locks that your guests and groom will lust after. We’re here to help you effortlessly achieve your #BigDayHairGoals.

Follow our expertly curated four steps to sublime aisle style and you’ll be swishing your way to the altar from head to toe (without a meringue in sight). We like to call it ‘tresses trickery’, because it fuses insider hair and wellness industry knowledge with the finest products to deliver locks that look like they’ve been Snapchat filtered.

Bride's Hair Tie

Tresses Trickery; Four steps to sublime aisle-style

Step 1: Fine Tune Your Cut and Colour

When to action

  • Six months before the wedding day 
  • Three weeks before for a final cut
  • Two weeks before for a final colour

If you want to try out a new style this isn’t the time. Wedding days are about celebrating and that includes celebrating you. The key is to feel and look like the best version of you; beaming, happy and full of sassy confidence. So don’t go for that elfin crop if a bob is your signature style.

Find a hairdresser you trust and book regular eight-weekly trims and colour. If you do want to switch up the colour, stay within two or three shades of your natural hue to enhance and complement your skin tone and eyes. Book your final colour in two weeks before the wedding day. That way it will look fresh and vibrant, but a little lived in, with no telltale roots.

On the cutting front, book your final cut three weeks before the big day so your style has time to settle and the ends look softer.

#BigDayHairGoal 1 smashed: Cut & Colour Confident

Amazing Wedding Hair

Step 2: Book your stylists and hair trials

When to action

  • Six and three months before the wedding day 

Whether you go for a kick-ass session stylist, friend or relative, you want someone that understands your hair type, texture and your overall wedding style. Ideally shortlist three hairstylists (dependent on your budget). Provisionally book them in for your big day with six months to go on the calendar. Then book a trial with each three months before the wedding to make your final selection. We’ve all heard (and seen photographic evidence of) hair trials so bad they’ve sent our besties into bridezilla meltdown. Get savvy and realise that out of the three trials you might have a few pictures on your camera roll of you looking like Princess Leia, or Charlene in Neighbours. (Not even Kylie could pull that off). Take lots of pictures or a Pinterest board to the trial of the styles you love. Then snap them all from a load of angles and send to your family and friends. Wear each style for four-six hours to check if they will go the distance, too. You want hair that moves and looks natural, without falling flat after your first dance. (Sorry, but finding yourself/your groom trying to pick out 1,000 kirby grips at the end of the night is just standard wedding night hair action).

#BigDayHairGoal 2 smashed: Style Savvy

Bridesmaid's Hair

Step 3: Deep Condition

When to action

  • 3 months before the wedding day: Up your at-home deep conditioning routine 
  • 2 weeks before the wedding day: Book an in-salon conditioning treatment 

Add a deep conditioning mask to your weekly hair routine 3 months before the big day. Look for a protein-based treatment, comb through and wrap your hair in a hot towel while it works its magic. (Watch this space for details of our new hair mask launching soon). If your hair is fine, flyaway or damaged, it’s also worth switching to a leave-in conditioner. Give our Noughty Intensive Care a whirl; it’s enriched with rich shea butter and argan oil to quench, nourish and strengthen strands without weighing them down.
Two weeks before the big day, head to your salon for an Olaplex treatment. It works inside the hair shaft to repair broken disulphide bonds that have been weakened by tinting, dyeing and heat styling. It can either be mixed into your hair colour or used as a standalone treatment and is especially good for blondes or on hair that has been chemically lightened.

#BigDayHairGoal 3 smashed; Silky & Sassy

Wedding Day Hair

Step 4: Up the wellness ante

When to action

  • Three months before the wedding day 

Pay attention to your diet and build in more vitamins, minerals and lean-proteins, plus healthy-fats – avocados, eggs, nuts and seeds – which all help promote healthy hair growth. Start taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement containing sulphur, iodine and zinc. Use a scalp tonic to promote healthy blood flow and stimulate hair growth. Massage into the scalp once a week for five minutes in the three-month run-up to the big day.

Incorporate a detoxing shampoo into your routine, too. Now you’re adding more beneficial nutrients into your diet you want to eliminate any product and pollution build-up that may have accumulated. Use our Detox Dynamo 2-In-1 Detoxifier weekly to leave your hair fresh and super clean.

#BigDayHairGoal 4 smashed; Healthy Hair Inside & Out