5% of Tough Cookie Sales Donated To Charity

5% of Tough Cookie Sales Donated To Charity

When we look at the figures around pollution in urban environments, it’s not hard to see why more and more of us are looking to protect our hair from pollution particles. Not only is this important, but we all need to look at what else can be done as part of the wider conversation to make urban living spaces safer. That’s why our new partnership for the launch of Noughty’s brand new Tough Cookie line was a no brainer.

Pollution in the form of soot, Fund4Tree Charity 'Evelyn' Planting Day dust, dirt, particles and gases deposit on hair fibres day after day and can form a layer of build-up, which dulls and dries hair. Creating a barrier for hair from urban aggressors is just one of the key benefits of Tough Cookie.

As part of the launch, and in true Noughty fashion, we wanted to look at how we can contribute to the improvement of urban living spaces for everyone. This is why throughout the whole of July we will donate 5% of sales from Tough Cookie Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner to environmental conservation charity, Fund4Trees.

Fund4Trees aim to conserve, protect and improve the physical and natural environment by promoting sustainable treescapes. They also advance education of the public on conservation and commit vital funding towards advancing research into all aspects of trees. 

Although it’s hard to measure just how much pollution sticks to hair, we know that trees in major cities remove between 850 and 2000 tons of particulate pollution each year, which is why our partnership with Fund4Trees is so incredibly important. Together, we can work on fighting pollution and cleaning up our urban environments for generations to come.

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