Building a regime that’s right for you.

Building a regime that’s right for you.

Your hair is as unique as your fingerprint. Whether it’s curly, straight, frizzy or wavy, no person’s hair is the same as another’s. It’s important therefore to be able to tailor your hair care routine to your individual needs. Here at Noughty, we create award-winning, high performance products that provide the perfect pillars to any haircare regime. All our formulations are powered by a wonderful array of high quality natural ingredients that are kind, gentle and totally free from sulphates, silicones, petrochemicals and parabens. Better still, you can mix and match our products from each range, to construct a bespoke routine individual to you.

Here’s a little guidance on how to choose the right products for you.


Firstly, focus on identifying your own specific needs. Shampoo gets to work on the scalp first, so the shampoo you choose should consider the needs of your scalp as well as your hair. Here’s a reminder of our ranges and their benefits:


Here’s a Noughty secret: It’s ok to cheat on your regular shampoo from time to time. Once you have made your regular shampoo selection, consider the other products that come in to contact with your hair. This will help you decide which other products your hair will benefit from, as part of your regime. If you are about to have your hair dyed, or it’s "pamper night" and you’re about to apply a nourishing hair mask, you might consider swapping your regular shampoo for a clarifying shampoo like Detox Dynamo. Clarifying shampoos lift away build-up, making it possible for colour and treatments to penetrate the hair shaft more effectively. Then, for the first few washes after you’ve coloured, reach for a co-wash like 1 Hit Wonder, which replenishes the moisture lost to chemical treatments and can help slow fading. 


Next, consider your lifestyle. If you’re a regular swimmer, a fitness fanatic, or live somewhere with chlorine present in your water supply, more regular use of Detox Dynamo will help remove chlorine and sweat from your hair and scalp. If you’re always outdoors and hair is regularly exposed to the elements, use it to help detox the hair and keep pollutants at bay. If you’re about to go on holiday to soak up the sun, or your hair’s suffering from seasonal changes in the weather, reach for that co-wash again. Check out our blog on co-washing the Noughty way for advice on how often to use it. By adding a cleansing conditioner into your regime gradually, you can work out the optimum balance between the co-wash and your regular regime. 

Next, you need to nail the perfect technique. Cleanse your scalp first, using your fingertips in circular motions to stimulate. Then rub shampoo into the hair, working gently into the ends (rather than rubbing). The ends of our hair are the oldest and usually the driest, most damage-prone parts so it is essential to treat them with special care in order to avoid further damage. Always rinse from root to tip. For more hints, tips, and advice on how to transition to natural shampoos from conventional, silicone based products, read our blog on Going Natural the Noughty way.



So your scalp is now cleansed and free from build-up and grime, now it’s time to replenish the hair. Noughty secret number two: your conditioner doesn’t have to be from the same range as your shampoo. This is where your primary focus must be on the needs of your hair rather than your scalp, and more specifically, pay particular attention to the ends of your hair. Are you a Curly Girl with a sensitive scalp? Pick Care Taker Shampoo and pair it with Wave Hello Conditioner. Do you colour your hair regularly? Use Colour Bomb or Blondie Locks Conditioner to help boost colour and To The Rescue to nourish and hydrate. Doing a deep cleanse with a clarifying shampoo? Step up the level of moisture and hydration for your hair, with a dose of To The Rescue conditioner.




Just as you might add a mask into your skincare routine to address dry skin or clogged pores, add To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment into your haircare regime for a deeply hydrating moisture boost. Apply in the shower and leave on for 5 minutes if your hair needs regular attention, or alternatively use for 20 minutes in the bath for deep hydration or to help re-structure chronically thirsty hair. Whatever your hair type, use Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner after your regular regime, when you need to even out moisture levels in the hair, transform the appearance of dry ends, or restore hydration and moisture. 


Now it’s time for the fun part, let’s add some style! Simply choose the product suited to your styling routine. 

Heat Styling

If you wield a wand, curlers or tong with vigour, heat protection is a must every time you style. Both of our serums contain a mushroom extract, that provides your hair with protection from styling with heat up to 220 degrees. If sleek, shimmery locks are your goal, try our Rise and Shine Hydrate and Shine Serum or to triumph in the battle against frizz, our To The Rescue Anti-Frizz serum.

Curl Defining


If you are blessed with a heavenly head of curls, reach for our Wave Hello Curl Taming Cream. Packed with nourishing oils and hydrating extracts, it works wonders to tame unruly coils, add definition to curls and fight that dreaded fight frizz.

So when it comes to building the regime that’s right for you, the best advice we can give is to listen to your hair. Always. You know your hair better than anyone so recognise its’ needs, issues and challenges, choose products that provide the right solution and don’t stop there. Mix up your regime, and don’t be afraid to swap products in and out in order to meet the changing needs of your hair. After all, who doesn’t want those feel-good moments of great hair, every, single day? You deserve it.

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