Get the look. Smooth and sleek.

Get the look. Smooth and sleek.

Sleek, sassy and simple, smooth straight hair is a classic. Made popular in the 90’s thanks to the invention of the straightener and Rachel from Friends, it’s become a go to look for any occasion.

Although a relatively easy style to master, for those who don’t have naturally poker straight locks, it’s a given that a hairdryer or straightener is going to be required, which unfortunately means a big dose of heat. However, heat doesn’t always need to mean damage. By using a heat protective serum like our Rise and Shine Serum, you can protect hair against heat up to 220 degrees. This silicone-free, 97% natural serum gets its heat protective properties from a Mushroom extract, which contains enzymes that help to protect from heat and strengthen hair. It’s also packed with Jojoba and Kalahari melon oil, to deliver a generous dose of moisture and mica to deliver extra shimmer and shine.

Gabrielle shows you how to get this super sleek glossy look the Noughty way.

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