Heir Hair. Wedding hair goals.

Heir Hair. Wedding hair goals.

Here at Noughty HQ, we (like the rest of the world it seems) have caught the Royal Wedding buzz and that got us thinking about the advice we’d give, not just to Meghan Markle, but to all the brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests out there preparing to be photo-ready and totally face-booked during the big event.

The answer to everything. The preparation time.

Whether you’re wearing the white dress, walking down the aisle, or sharing someone else’s special day, healthy, feel-good hair doesn’t just appear in an instant. After all, it only grows a centimetre a month on average. So the minute you pick the dress or receive the invite, make sure you allow enough time to plan a health kick for your hair (as well as your body).

wedding diet starts on the inside

Start on the inside. The wedding Hair Diet.

We all know the saying goes, you are what you eat. Wellness has become one of the hottest lifestyle trends in recent months and the superfood concept is no longer limited to the food in your fridge. Superfoods for the hair include walnuts, blueberries, spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and dark chocolate so make sure your diet is rich in all things “super”. That includes eating plenty of protein which will help hair health, too. We’re also big fans of the supplement, especially when formulated specifically for hair. Look for one rich in vitamin B or biotin, which helps your body release the energy from food that healthy hair needs.  

Turn on the style. The right cut. 

Your hairdresser should be your partner in crime when it comes to scene-stealing hair. Regular cuts working toward a specific style are a must if you’ve got enough notice. Make sure you get your haircut no more than a couple of weeks before the wedding to banish split and damaged ends.

Doing the detox. The health kick.

The weeks running up to the wedding, are a perfect time for a hair detox and Noughty’s Detox Dynamo is formulated specifically for this, lifting away any build-up of silicones from product or daily grime. Just like exfoliating your skin before you mask, detoxing will help you get the most from conditioners and treatments applied afterwards. It ensures there’s nothing between your hair shaft and the luscious ingredients that will help transform it.

Treat those tresses. The treatment time.

Treat those tresses. The treatment time.

For at least six weeks before the wedding, give your locks a bit of a boost by adding in luxurious hair treatment time, using products formulated especially to boost moisture, help repair and add shine. We recommend alternating Noughty’s To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment Mask (leave on for at least 20 minutes) to help restructure the hair and Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner, to help nourish and help ensure moisture levels in the hair are even. By the time the big day rolls around, the added moisture will leave hair looking strong, healthy and with a glorious gloss.

Day Two Hair. The up-do essential.

Anyone who tries to wrangle newly washed tresses into an updo will find themselves singing ‘Slip Sliding Away’. Grips, clips and even bands don’t seem to take hold. Curls are determined to drop out, and it can all end in tears. A co-wash cleansing conditioner like Noughty’s 1 Hit Wonder gives you the best of both worlds: freshly washed hair that behaves like it’s a second-day mane.

The grand finale. The Shine.

Smooth hair provides a flat surface to reflect light and deliver incredible shine. The way to sleek gloss? Finish with a serum, of course. Noughty’s Rise & Shine Hydrate & Shine Serum adds extra, eye-catching sparkle, guaranteed to turn heads with a kiss of mica.

Whether you go for a chic up-do, a high ponytail, tousled waves or an edgy bob, our Noughty secrets will see you succeed on your journey to healthy hair goals. Who needs head-wear when you have the answer to wedding-ready hair? Sending tonnes of Noughty love to Meghan and Harry for May 19th. After all, they are one of the Noughtiest couples we know.

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