Introducing our new Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap

Introducing our new Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap

Goodbye drying time, hello you time!

We’re all about the hair hack here at Noughty, especially if there’s a solution that saves time AND is gentler on manes. Introducing our new multi-tasker and our first ever Noughty hair accessory, the Little Saviour Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap.

This highly absorbent hair towel is made from a super-soft microfibre, a synthetic material that is gentle on tresses quickly absorbs moisture to speed up drying time while helping to reduce static and breakage. It really is a little saviour!

Featuring elasticated edges and a handy loop and button, Noughty ensures that your towel stays in place no matter what acrobatics you perform.

How to use:

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Why Microfibre?

  • Softer and Kinder – the microfibre strands are gentler than coarse cotton towelling
  • Less Damage - by wrapping your locks you’re eliminating the classic scrubbing motion that can raise cuticles and open hair to weakness and brittleness
  • Drying Speed – drying becomes quicker thanks to the microfibre strand density, being 100 times finer than human hair, meaning more microfibre strands can fit on a towel; the more strands available to absorb water, the faster the drying
  • Less Heat - microfibre will get your mane to that optimum 75% air-dried before you need to flick the switch on heat. Less Heat = Less Damage
Little Saviour Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap is suitable for all hair types and gentle enough for the whole family.
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