Lusting for Love Island Locks.

Lusting for Love Island Locks.

Your guide to nailing holiday-ready hair goals with Noughty.

Unless you’re reading this pool-side from a sun lounger at a certain villa in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar in Majorca, you, like us, have clearly failed to make the cut for Love Island 2018. Gutting we know, but all the more reason to get your summer hair game on ready for next year, or just in time for your summer holiday with a few tips from Noughty, for Love Island locks guaranteed to be totally extra.


colour bomb + intensive

You wouldn’t dream of lying in the sun without sliding sunglasses on and slathering sunscreen all over your skin, now would you? Well, news flash, your hair needs the same careful protection from the sun too, so don’t mug it off! Take the same approach to the sun, with your hair. Before you don your embellished straw hat, lather Colour Bomb Conditioner on hair to help avoid the fade, and follow it with a Noughty Serum to help protect hair from heat. Then, when you’ve finally finished soaking up the sun and you’re applying Aftersun to your skin, show your hair some love too with a moisture-drenching masque like To The Rescue Moisture Treatment.

Pool Protection.

Before you jump in, use extra protection with a barrier enhancing product like Noughty’s Intensive Care Leave in Conditioner. For best results, wet hair first in the shower rather than in the pool, so that hair absorbs tap water rather than chlorine-rich pool water.

Glitter hangover.

The remains of last night’s glitter partying aren’t a look any of us want…with or without the hangover. Fortunately for us here at Noughty, one of the many super-powers of plant oils’ is dissolving glue at speed, so work a Noughty conditioner or 1 Hit Wonder into your scalp along the parting (or wherever you spread that glitter and glue) BEFORE your shampoo. Tip your head upside down and rinse thoroughly from root to tip. Repeat until your scalp and hair are sparkle free. Then shampoo, condition and style as normal.



Getting the coveted Love Island ‘I woke up like this’ effortless look unfortunately for most of us, takes a little effort. Let’s face it, the reality is more like waking up with locks resembling Harry Potter's Hagrid, especially after we’ve had a few cocktails the night before, or a little bit of Noughty Love Island bed action. Use a conditioning co-wash like 1 Hit Wonder to perfect 2nd-day hair. When styling, use your fingers instead of a brush to comb through and add texture.

Photo-ready sparkle.

Nothing turns heads like a glossy mane. We’re actually programmed that way. The remnants of our prehistoric hunter-gatherer genes have us equating shine with health and health with a desirable partner. So when you’re styling your locks to be 100% his type on paper, be sure to finish with our Rise & Shine Hydrate and Shine Serum for a generous dose of sheen.

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