Noughty Supports Sexual Health Week

Noughty Supports Sexual Health Week

Choice is part of what makes us individual and something to be celebrated, not judged. Whether you colour your hair or let its natural shade shine, straighten out the kinks or enhance your curls, Noughty’s 97% natural products are designed to support and protect your hair. No matter your choice, we’re all about empowering you to make your own decisions. Which has made our latest collaboration a no brainer.

Let’s not shy away from the truth. In the age of dating apps, people are having more casual sex than ever. Yet, there is still an embarrassment culture from women concerned about being perceived as promiscuous if they are carrying protection. Hanx, the first luxury vegan condom brand designed by women for women, is working to smash this stigma.

Hanx Condoms

Hanx was created by Farah Kabir and Sarah Welsh who felt there was so much wrong with the current condom offering: garish packaging, designed for men and sold in men’s bathrooms or near the pregnancy tests in pharmacies. Farah and Sarah wanted to disrupt the market with condoms that are premium, stylish, safe and that women would be proud to carry.

Public Health England, who in 2017 announced that there were 422,147 cases of Sexually Transmitted Infections reported in the UK, recommends increased availability of condoms plus increased education around a positive attitude to sexual health. So in support of Sexual Health Week, we are giving away free Hanx condoms with orders placed from September 24th-30th on our website. Of course, you can choose not to receive the gift (it is about choice, after all).

We are championing a shame-free approach to taking control of your sexual health. As part of the campaign, both brands will also be running a social media awareness campaign during the week and we’d love to hear your voices. We’ll be offering you the chance to win three Noughty products of your choice, PLUS three packs of Hanx condoms. Keep a look out for the competition on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Sexual Health Week runs from September 24th-30th 2018, created by sexual health charity FPA.HANX condoms are a reliable contraceptive but no contraceptive can offer 100% protection against pregnancy, AIDS and/or sexually transmitted infections. There are no laws in the UK prohibiting the sale or gifting of contraceptives to under 16s, however, Noughty and HANX do not support sex under the age of consent.

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