Our Top 5 Halloween Hairstyles

Our Top 5 Halloween Hairstyles

A Halloween costume is never complete without the perfect hairstyle to match, after all your hair is 90% of your selfie. We’ve rounded up a few of our fave looks and some top tips for perfecting your haircare, to make styling a less haunting task.

Star Skulltress

If you're rocking the iconic look, you’ll need the curls to match. That’s where Wave Hello steps up to the plate. After washing with the shampoo and conditioner, scrunch in  Wave Hello Curl Defining Cream to define and discipline curls, while taming frizz. Top with some sparkle and voila, the perfect finish to a head-turning look.


It doesn’t come any easier than the classic black cat. Especially if you can create your ears from your hair. Whether you backcomb and pin, or wind your mane into cones, you’ll want ‘second-day’ hair that grips can grab onto, or your ‘ears’ will slip out as the night goes on. Reach for 1 Hit Wonder Cowash for hair that’s going to be clean AND hang on to pins, grips and barrettes.


Getting your unicorn on can involve as much glitter and rainbow colour as you like. Since your hair IS the costume, it’s imperative it’s at its glossy best. Since moisture is the key to a glossy mane, treat your hair to a pamper session with our  To The Rescue Hair Treatment before you style. 

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Whether your inspiration is Linda or Gal Gadot, if you’ve opted to channel Wonder Woman you’ll be wielding a big, round barrel brush and blow dryer to achieve superhero-smooth waves. Reach for To The Rescue Serum to protect hair from styling heat and bust frizz for WW’s sleek style.

Harley Quinn

If Harley Quinn’s your heroine, you’ll be reaching for the temporary hair colour no doubt. Use Detox Dynamo to lift away any build up so that colour can penetrate easily, follow with To The Rescue Conditioner to deeply condition. Whether you call them pigtails, bunches or ponytails, nailing Harley’s distinctive hair is all about shine. So finish with Hydrate & Shine Serum to add that sparkling edge.


When all the fun is said and done, you’ll need some help going from that backcombed witch to the girl next door. Jekyll and Hyde never had it this easy.

  • For anything glittery and sticky, reach for 1 Hit Wonder – the plant oils do battle with adhesives of all kinds.
  • Wave a wand at the heaps of hairspray and product with Detox Dynamo and watch it disappear down the drain.
  • Your hair worked hard this Halloween to pull off some epic transformations so treat it to a spa day of its own with our mask, To The Rescue Treatment, and replenish moisture and hydration.
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