Shine On. Every day.

Shine On. Every day.

At Noughty, we believe that normal, issue-free manes shouldn’t be neglected.

They deserve the same dedication to the science of naturals that our solution-focused ranges provide for hair with more defined and visible needs. If you shampoo every day, or even more frequently, you need to choose products that aren’t just gentle but help put the hydration back in. Frequent washing can mean that over time, hair becomes a little dull, so by also adding a dose of shine to your regime, those normal locks, suddenly step up their level of lustre. 

Whilst luscious, light-catching sheen first starts with the overall health of your hair, how you care for your hair and the products you choose to nourish, protect, and condition, play a big part too. That’s why at Noughty, we’ve developed Rise & Shine, Hydrate and Shine shampoo, conditioner and serum (the ultimate in styling shine). It’s specially formulated to add hydration and shine for those normal locks, with everyday needs.

Our shampoo, perfect for everyday shampooing, contains a gentle cleansing agent known as sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate. What’s that we hear you say? Rewind. The tongue twister that’s known at Noughty HQ as SLMI is the mild, water-soluble surfactant made from coconut that’s in all our shampoos, powering effective, high-performance cleansing, without a whiff of sulphate.

As for that hydration, we’ve packed Rise & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner with blue mallow extract, white tea extract rich in protective antioxidants, and a generous dollop of skin-compatible jojoba oil to moisturise scalp and mane. With the molecular structure most similar to sebum, jojoba works with our hairs natural oils, to keep both hair and scalp moisturised.

But we don’t stop there. For issue-free hair that truly shines on, it needs to stay that way. At Noughty, we want you to include the very best natural, high-performance styling products in your haircare regime. So we’ve created our Rise & Shine lightweight serum, to provide shine-amplifying styling formulated with Kalahari Melon Oil to trap moisture in the hair and keep it hydrated (… more on that one soon). It also works to illuminate hair, boosting shine and radiance. How? A touch of Noughty sparkle, known as mica. A naturally occurring mineral dust that creates a shimmer in our serum, turning the normal, and everyday into the extraordinary. With heat protection up to 220 degrees, every day styling won’t damage your hair.

Noughty’s top tips for added shine:

1) Wash and condition your hair, then blast it with a cold-water rinse for about three seconds. This helps seal in conditioner, making hair easier to style, adding shine naturally. 

2) Blow-dry while brushing with a natural bristle paddle brush. 

So go on, get Noughty and Rise & Shine to locks you’ll love every day.

Because everyday washing and normal hair, just shouldn’t be dull. 

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