Things to do while you hair mask.

Things to do while you hair mask.

We hear the phrase ‘I just don’t have the time’ too often when it comes to using a hair treatment. So, whether you choose to mask for 3, 5 or 20 minutes, here’s a few of our favourite ways to get the most out of those precious minutes. You’ll never have an excuse not to give your locks the TLC they deserve again.


Mask-fest – Go all out! Nourish yourself from top to toe with hair, face and body masks. This twist on multimasking supercharges your beauty routine, for the ultimate pamper experience.

Snack Attack – At Noughty we’re all about balance. A good deed for your hair should almost definitely allow for a few minutes of naughtiness. Treat yourself to a tasty treat, personally, we’re partial to a vegan doughnut. Ok, maybe two.

Soak it Up – Grab your rubber ducky and indulge in a luxurious long soak. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a tub with ocean views to gaze out at, lose yourself in a good novel or simply take the time to unwind and relax. The greatest ideas spring to mind when you’re most relaxed, so you might even stumble upon a genius new invention.


Get Your Move On – Exercise gets your heart pumping and blood flowing, with benefits for your scalp and beyond. Whether it’s a quick spin on an exercise bike, HIIT circuits in the lounge or dancing around your kitchen, shake that booty.

Meditate – No time to be mindful? Take 15 minutes while your hair gets its zen on to sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Regular meditation reduces stress, improves concentration and increases happiness. Inner and outer beauty sounds good to us.

Learn – Going on holiday to foreign climes? Why not use your masking minutes to pick up key phrases in a new language? Vocab flashcards are a simple way to get those new words to sink in. Using your time for such academic purposes definitely deserves a treat though too. After all, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!

Love Yourself – We’re not normally ones to quote Justin Bieber, but taking a few minutes out of your week to write a list of your best qualities will give your self-esteem a boost. Tell your inner critic to jog on and pretend you’re describing a friend if it feels a little awkward. Benefits: an extra spring in your step and a fresh perspective to nail that job interview.


Flex – A quick yoga session strengthens both, body and mind. Just pop your freshly masked hair in a high bun while you get to work. No need to venture out if the beach isn’t on your doorstep, just pop on a YouTube video and perfect your downward dog in your living room. We love Yoga With Adriene, whose videos are suitable for all levels and served with a side order of sass, just like Noughty.

Connect – call your mother/BFF/sister/daughter for a catch-up. Whether you FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or just pick up a landline, don’t underestimate the impact of your voice on the ones you love. The minutes will fly…and you always have an excuse to hang up and rinse.

However you spend your masking minutes, know that Noughty’s formulations make every second worthwhile for your hair.

Competition Time!

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