Tis the season for self love

Tis the season for self love

It’s the season of giving, and here at Noughty we think there’s no one more deserving than you. Whether it’s before your house fills with the clamour of family and friends, or when all the wrapping paper is recycled, the festive leftovers have filled the fridge and the guest bedroom’s empty, make some time for yourself this holiday season. As Kanye said, “Time is the only luxury.” And we’ve got some suggestions for indulging:

Heat Styling Holiday

Have a heat-styling free few days. Add Intensive Care Leave In Conditioner or Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray to turn your detox into a therapy session for weary manes. Your locks will love you and you’ll soar into the new year with healthier looking hair.

Spa Day

Any day of the week will do. Fill the bath, find your favourite candle and that novel you’ve been meaning to finish and shut the door. It’s amazing how restorative an hour of quiet me time can be. And it’s the perfect opportunity to slather To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment on and give it the time it needs to replenish lost moisture and condition.


Give yourself a scalp massage. The source of your flowing locks deserves the extra TLC. Massage encourages blood flow in the top layer of the skin where the follicles that make your hair sit. A gentle massage is a great way to relieve stress, boost your mood, not to mention helping to strengthen hair, improve lymphatic drainage, remove dead skin cells, and generally make your scalp a happy environment for hair growth. We’ve shared some easy techniques to get you started HERE

Winter Walk

The weather might be frightful, but don’t let that stop you. Dress for the occasion, get out and move your body. Exercise helps to improve circulation, which in turn encourages your follicles to grow hair. Walk for hair health. A search of the internet is sure to turn up an interesting walk near you – self-guided walks are a great way to see a new side to a familiar town.




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