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Noughty haircare launched in September 2016 but our story really began when we first met at school in a very British town called Bedford. Our childhood friendship of playground games like British Bull Dog quickly moved through serious teenage study, and on to the bright lights of local bars and clubs. Doc Martin boots and bottle top laces were THE most fashionable items we owned and Sun-in highlights, terrible perms and frizzy fringes were the only hairstyles we knew. With one as a sports fanatic and hockey team hero, and the other as the nerdy deputy head girl, somehow we managed to earn ourselves a place in the sassiest squad at school.

We both believe it’s a privilege to be able to work alongside each other as close friends with shared history and skills that complement each other. Our strong family values and simliar ideals of hard work, integrity and trust connect us. Despite taking quite different routes in to the beauty industry, it’s no surprise that similar experiences, led us to re-connect, and after several years in the making, Noughty was born. Growing up together, we learnt from a young age that good hair and skin can make or break how you feel about your day, so creating a product range that really performed and didn’t contain any nasties became our first priority. We believe everyone has a right to good hair, so today, sensibly priced performance led products that solve every hair problem, has become our obsession.

With the help of plant expert and beauty botanist Jennifer Hirsch, we put a great deal of thought and time into sourcing the right ingredients, and formulating products that deliver real results. We’re proud to say that in the past two years, we have developed a real family of Noughty girls (and Noughty boys) who like us, advocate self-confidence, self-acceptance, self- development and self-love but who never fail to be, just a little bit Noughty.

Lorna and Rachel xx

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