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There are some things in life worth being serious about. And then, there’s not taking ourselves too seriously.
Here at Noughty, our aim is to bring this balance to your beauty choices.

Here's what we are serious about:


1. Natural Luxury that doesn’t cost the earth or our planet:

Our range of 97% natural products always consider sustainability, and are packed with all the good stuff and none of the bad. Our products are free from parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and sulphates, all at an affordable price. We are committed to upgrading all of our product packaging to fully recyclable sugarcane by January 2021. The new tubes will be produced using sugarcane as the starting material instead of environmentally damaging fossil fuels. Where normal plastic production releases CO2 into the environment, the harvesting and then regrowth of the sugarcane works to remove CO2. Every kilogram of the green sugarcane plastic produced results in 3.09kg of CO2 removed from the air.


2. High performance haircare driven by science:

Despite being natural, we never sacrifice performance, authenticity, experience or innovation. Our range of award winning products are sourced and formulated by a team of dedicated experts, with over 80 combined years of product development experience. This inspiring and innovative team includes beauty botanist Jennifer Hirsch who specializes in the chemistry of plants and their sustainability. We passionately believe in the importance of being unique and since all hair types are unique, we offer solutions for any type of hair by building personalised, benefit-led regimes.


3. Cruelty Free and Vegan:

Bambi is a babe just like you so from plant to bottle, we don’t test on animals and we wouldn’t dream of using animal or animal-derived ingredients.


4. Truth is beauty:

It is our mission to provide transparent, honest information in a language you can understand. We are here to answer your questions and help inform your beauty choices. With all the information in the beauty ether, we would love to be the brand you can trust for the truth behind ingredients and to burst all those hair myths.

Rachel and lorna

And here's how we create balance:

5. A big dose of fun:

We never take ourselves too seriously because we believe sometimes it’s good to get a little Noughty.

Natural Health Winner 2019
Hair Awards 2019
Janey Loves Gold - 2019
Green Parent 2019 - Gold
Green Parent 2019 - Buy Buy
Global Make up awards 2019 - silver
Mama & Baby awards commended - 2019
Mama & Baby awards Editor's choice - 2019
Natural Curly Award - Best of the Best 2019
Beauty Shortlist Award Winner 2019
Beauty Shortlist Award Editors Choice 2019
Green Parent Gold Award 2018
Green Parent Best Buy Award 2018
Green Parent Silver Award 2018
Green Parent Bronze Award 2018
Winner Hair Award 2018
Natural Health 2018 Highly Commended
Natural Health 2018 Special Recongnition
Mama Baby Winner 2018
Naturally Curly Winner
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