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Product queries

Why do we use isopropyl alcohol in Noughty products?

The level of isopropyl alcohol used in [some of our products] is super, super low at less than 1%. It’s only function is to help distribute the fragrance and oils in the emulsion. Whilst formulating with high levels of isopropyl alcohol may contribute to drying, at the level we use it, this will not occur.

Where can I purchase Noughty products?

You can find our entire Noughty range on our very own website, or

You can also find a select few of our products in Superdrug UK stores and on , and

Noughty is 97% natural, what is the other 3%?

Our products are 97% natural with many wonderful natural ingredients. The remaining 3% is made up of the preservative system, which stops the product from going off after opening, emulsifying agents, which are necessary to stop ingredients from separating, and some lovely fragrances to make your hair smell delicious.

Do you test your products on animals?

Certainly not! Noughty products are never tested on animals. All of our products are officially PETA-certified cruelty free. 

Are Noughty products vegetarian/vegan friendly?

All Noughty products are registered with The Vegetarian Society and The Vegan Society, so our customers can rest assured that they are buying a truly vegan product.

This means we don’t use any animal-derived ingredients like lanolin, honey, beeswax, silk proteins, milk or keratin in our products. Which makes them not only vegan, but vegetarian-friendly, too. All because we like animals and work to ensure our products reflect that.

I used a Noughty product for the first time and my hair now feels unconditioned.
Sometimes it takes a bit of time to become accustomed to the performance of natural products. If you have been using alternative brands that contain high levels of silicones or sulphates the hair may need a little time to ‘detox’ (just like after a night out with the girls). Residues can coat the hair shaft and it can take time to fully cleanse the hair of this build up and see the results. Therefore we recommend that you persevere with Noughty for at least 8 washes.
Why don’t Noughty products lather as much as other brands?

Sulphates (or SLS) are often added to make products foam. Noughty is SLS free and uses alternative natural detergents that are just as effective for cleaning your hair. The trick is to add plenty of water and make sure you store the product at room temperature. Many people associate foaming properties with cleansing but these two things do not have to be related. So don’t worry, Noughty will still leave you with that lovely clean feeling!

Tell me more about the Noughty ‘free from’s’?

We don’t use silicones, parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals in our Noughty products. For us, it’s all about choice – about preferring to reduce our toxic load and use as many friendly ingredients as possible.  Instead we use alternative natural ingredients with wonderful results that leave your hair healthy and happy.


Why does Noughty choose to be free from Parabens?

Look on the back of most personal hygiene products, such as deodorants, toothpastes, makeup and shampoo and it’s likely you’ll find parabens in there somewhere. There are four main parabens: butyl paraben, propyl paraben, para-hydroxybenzoic acid and ethyl paraben. They’re included in a lot of products because they are aggressive in destroying most of the bacteria that form in toiletries. However, parabens have been known to cause possible skin irritation for scalps which are more sensitive. At Noughty we choose not to use any parabens as we want our products as gentle as possible. Instead, all our products contain Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate (try saying that after a glass of wine); a gentle and effective preservative ensuring the end product is of utmost purity for our Noughty fans.

Why does Noughty choose to be free from petrochemicals?

Ingredients such as petrolatum, paraffin liquidum and mineral oils are added to many haircare products as they work successfully and instantly as a smoothing agent, to give soft skin or smooth hair. However, these types of ingredients can sit heavily on skin and hair which could lead to residue build up resulting in lank hair. We don’t think they are necessary in our products as we can achieve the same performance and textures through finely balancing select natural waxes and oils, which will help to reduce build up on your hair.




Why does Noughty choose to be free from Sulphates (SLS)?

Sulphates, more commonly known as SLS and SLES, are the most common surfactants used in toiletries to make them foam and cleanse. They are widely used by manufacturers because they are cheap and effective. However SLS and SLES can strip the skin and hair of its natural oils which can have a drying and sometimes irritating effect on the skin. You won’t find SLS or SLES in any of the Noughty products – instead we use a cleansing and foaming agent derived from coconut that is much softer and kinder to your skin.

Why does Noughty choose to be free from silicones?
Silicone is an ingredient that wraps around the hair shaft and protects it from moisture. It’s become popular due to the “anti-frizz” benefit, however mid to long term use can make hair dry as this barrier prevents conditioner doing its job. This will lead to product build up, making hair a little limp and lifeless. Sparingly use silicone (if you have to) and detox your hair regularly.  We don’t use any silicones in our products, instead we focus on using the best oils we know to create a natural shine and smoothness for hair, without the build-up. Lovely.


Does your palm oil come from a sustainable source?

Our contract manufacturer and supplier uses derivatives of palm oil in the production of some of its products. While there are issues with palm oil, it is up to 10 times more efficient per hectare at producing oil than other sources of vegetable oil. So not using palm sounds like a simple answer, but it’s really not that simple a choice. To use another oil would be to put pressure somewhere else.

Our contract manufacturer uses derivatives of palm oil in the production of some of its products. Since 2009 and until today, our contract manufacturer has purchased all our palm oil and palm kernel oils from members of the “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” (RSPO).

I have sensitive skin, can I use your products?

All the products in the Noughty range are 97% natural and are formulated to be extremely gentle, leaving out possible irritants such as sulphates and parabens. However, if you have any history of skin problems or allergies you should speak to your GP first and carry out a patch test on your wrist or behind your ear prior to using any of our products for the first time.

Are your products gluten free?

We know some of you have intolerance. These are all of our products that are gluten free:

1 Hit Wonder Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner
Blondie Locks Blonde Enhancing Conditioner
Blondie Locks Blonde Enhancing Shampoo
Colour Bomb Colour Protecting Conditioner
Colour Bomb Colour Protecting Shampoo
Pumped Up Volumising Shampoo
Pumped Up Volumising Conditioner
To The Rescue Anti-Frizz Serum
Rise and Shine Hydrate and Shine Shampoo
Rise and Shine Hydrate and Shine Conditioner
Rise and Shine Hydrate and Shine Serum
Wave Hello Curl Defining Shampoo
Wave Hello Curl Defining Conditioner
Wave Hello Curl Defining Taming Cream
Detox Dynamo Clarifying Shampoo

I'm pregnant are Noughty products safe to use?

Oh how exciting! All our products are safe for mums to be. However if you do have any concerns, please seek medical advice from your GP or midwife. 

How long should I keep a product for?

If a product is unopened, the shelf life is up to 3 years. Make sure to keep it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight (not that we get much here). Once opened and stored correctly you`ll need to refer to the `period after opening` symbol on the back of the label. This is a diagram of an open jar with a number next to it. This refers to the number of months the product will last after opening provided it’s properly closed and stored after each use.

Shipping and delivery queries

Where is my refund?

You will receive a confirmation email regarding your refund. Please allow 14 days for the payment to be processed.

Can I return a product?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your Noughty products, if you are not, for any reason we understand.  We offer a refund or exchange for the full value of the goods minus any shipping, delivery costs within 30 days from date of dispatch. 

If you would like to talk to us about you return or refund, please call the Noughty team between 9-5pm Mon-Fri on  02086144833

Return your item in its original condition including:-

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Order Number
  • Reason for Return/Exchange

Please send to: Noughty , 1st Floor, Harlequin House, 7 High Street, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8EE

Please ensure the products are wrapped securely and we recommend you use recorded delivery as we cannot accept liability for good lost in transit.

International Orders

International orders will be sent via Royal Mail Airsure which is currently only available.


UK Bank and Public Holidays

Any orders placed on UK Bank or Public Holidays will be processed on the next working day.



UK Special Delivery
If you have paid extra for Special Delivery and are not around to sign for your parcel, the carrier may leave it with a neighbor or in a safe place (i.e. hidden from sight and protected from the rain) if they think it is safe to do so. A calling card will be posted through your door to let you know this has been done. If the parcel can’t be left in a safe place or with a neighbor, the carrier will take it back to the local depot, and leave you a card telling you how you can pick it up.
UK Next Day Delivery

Can’t wait for the Noughty experience? Make sure you place your order before 12 noon and opt for Next Day delivery at checkout.

Unfortunately Next Day delivery isn’t available to the following postcodes: AB31, AB33 - 38, AB44, AB45, AB51-56, BT, GY, HS1-9, IM, IV1-56, JE, KA27-28, KW1-17, PA20-78, PH19-50, TR21-25, ZE1-3.

Tell me more about delivery.
When will an item be back in stock?

We hate out of stock issues as much as you. Another fan may have got their hands on it before you, and we are usually back in stock within 5 days. If you are still experiencing difficulty getting your mitts on our Noughty goodies, drop us a message at and we will look into it.

I haven’t received all of my order.

Please make sure the item isn't hiding, or wearing a cunning disguise. If it's still not there please contact us at and we will look into it immediately.